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Eva’s dream comes true.

Eva’s family came to the United States when she was six years old. They brought hopes and dreams of a better life than they had known in their native country of Guatemala. Unfortunately, that dream came to an end when her mother couldn’t find work and Eva was forced to return to Guatemala to live with her grandmother. Eight years passed before Eva could return to Minnesota again, and now as a 15-year-old, her life had changed quite a bit. Eva had a 7-year-old sister whom she had never met, no relationship with her father, and a history of verbal and physical abuse suffered in the time she spent away from her mother. In desperate need of care and support, she turned to a family-based organization. She turned to Aqui Para Ti (APT).

APT is a clinic-based development program for Latino youth, ages 11 to 24 and their families. Founded in 2002, APT supports adolescents who are raised in a culture very different than that of their parents. For Eva who immigrated into unfamiliar environment, rebuilding the mother-daughter relationship was very difficult. Facing a lack of cultural identity and feeling disconnected from her family, she needed resources to help with communication, boundary setting, and expectations. APT was able to help.


At ATP, we consult with teens about the following topics:
• Depression, anxiety, or anger
• School issues
• Relationships with family or friends
• Abuse of drugs and/or alcohol
• Worries about height or weight
• Communication between children and parents

We educate teens about:
• Health
• Raising children
• Family Planning
• Diet and healthy control of weight
• Sexually transmitted infections
• Pregnancy Care

We refer teens to additional services, including:
• Schools
• Exercise programs
• Foodshelves
• WIC (Women, Infants, and Children)
• Individual and family therapy
• Nurses who can visit pregnant women at home

Thanks to the many services and support she received at APT, Eva and her mother’s relationship has improved. They no longer struggle with communication, and the resulting stability has allowed Eva to excel in other ways. She has participated in college workshops, dedicated her future to a career involving film and photography, and joined the youth advisory board of APT. This past year, Eva received a high school diploma, finishing with a 3.9 grade point average. Her mother cried tears of joy.

This high-impact transition and support program is completely funded by donations and grants. You can help teens and families adjust to the language, needs, and culture of raising healthy adolescents and create a comfortable and welcoming environment for them. Contact Adam Haglin, Donor Relations Coordinator at or visit the APT Facebook page for more information.

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