On the water

There’s no better place to spend time this summer than out on a Minnesota lake. But an injury on the water can turn an afternoon into one to remember for all the wrong reasons. Keep these tips in mind as you head out onto the lake.

Prepare your boat:
• Inspect the condition of the boat and make sure you have enough fuel.
• Have a float plan. Know your route and make sure someone knows when to expect you home.

Make sure you have:
• Working fire extinguisher and CO detector
• Throwable life preserver on a rope
• Life jackets for each passenger
• Waterproof sunscreen
• Bucket to bail out water
• Cell phone
• Noise making device should you need to alert someone

While boating:
• Keep an eye on the weather. Leave the water before storms arrive.
• Wear your life jacket.
• Avoid prolonged exposure to the exhaust area of the boat.
• Be aware of the exhaust exposure of other boats when you are parked near them.
• Towed passengers (tubers, skiers) should be at least 20 feet from the back of the boat.
• Don’t drink and drive a boat, and don’t drink and watch children.

Swimming & Diving:
A lot of us had a great time at swim lessons growing up. But no matter how great a swimmer you are, there are a few things we all should remember:
• Never swim alone.
• Never swim near the back of a motorboat when the engine is running.
• Never swim under the influence of drugs, or alcohol.
• Never swim during thunderstorms.
• Always know the depth of water before you dive in.
• Supervise children at all times

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