From wild parsnip to ingestion of camping products like lantern fuels, there’s more than poison ivy to
worry about in the outdoors. Follow these tips to keep clear of painful poisons, and learn what do to in
case of exposure.

Keep it out of your mouth:
• Don’t eat the berries unless you can identify them. If you do, and experience symptoms like a burning
or numbing sensation, wipe the mouth clean and call the Poison Center immediately.
• Wild mushrooms may be prized, but they are difficult to identify, even with a field guide. Don’t eat them
unless you’re with a trained guide.
• Make sure to label stove and lantern fuels, which can look like juice to children. If ingested, call the Poison Center immediately.

Keep it off your skin:
• Wild Parsnip is a common plant that can leave a painful rash that won’t appear until exposed to the sun.
• Poison Ivy is the classic outdoor irritant. Keep an eye out for its distinctive three leaves.
• When using bug sprays that contain DEET, make sure to use lower concentration on skin and a higher
concentration on clothes.

What to do in case of exposure:

• Remove the plant, berry, or liquid.
• Gently wipe mouth with a wet cloth.
• Call the Poison Center immediately.

• Wash hands with soap and water to avoid further irritation to the eyes.
• Rinse eye by gently pouring lukewarm water from a clean container held 2-4 inches above the eye.
• Call the Poison Center for further treatment instructions.

• Remove contaminated clothing.
• Wash skin well with soap and water.
• Call the Poison Center for further treatment instructions

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